"Very recommended. I used JD physio due to sport injuries and have been very pleased with the treatment and excises Iv been given. Very kind and takes pride in what he does! Thanks again "
Rob Wood
"I went to JD Physio after breaking my wrist and having carpal tunnel surgery. I found Ajith to be very professional and caring about my concerns and worries. I highly recommend his services. "
Shila Patel
"\\\"My mum suffers from MS and has been treated by Ajith for the last 7 years. She often refers to him as the \\\"miracle worker\\\" and, having used him myself, I can testify that this label is well deserved. Recently I developed excruciating sciatica. I couldn\\\'t sit or stand without crying out in agony and, when I first met Ajith it took me 10 minutes and all the will power I could muster to get out of the car. After just one session, I was able to sit and stand with pain that was manageable and noticed a 40-50% improvement. After two further sessions I am noticing further vast improvements. GPs are a jack of all trades whereas Ajith is a specialist and I trust his opinion far more than any of the GPSs that I have recently encountered. Tina"
Tina Solicitor
"My mum was in serious pain form a lower lumbar disc problem and came to visit me and was treated by Ajith over a period of 4 weeks. She returned home very happy with the pain and stoop in her walk virtually gone. What we really appreciated was Ajith\'s knowledgable and pleasant manner - that really gave much confidence. To this day my mum still does the exercises Ajith showed her. My mum\'s quality of life has significantly improved and she\'s back to doing what she enjoys in the garden and looking after her dogs. We would highly recommend JD Physio"
Adrian Moore Architect & Son
"My mother, aged 90, had severe pain in her shoulder following an accident. I contacted Agith who kindly agreed to visit her at her home. He visited her several times during January and February this year and I found him highly skilled, professional and caring. After several visits my mother\'s shoulder is no longer causing her pain. I would certainly recommend him."
Angela Goss